How to get Sam's Journey CRT on Easyflash 3

How get Sam's Journey working on Easyflash 3

I was not able to burn the crt file from Sam's Journey digital download, to an EasyFlash 3 slot. It kept informing me that the CRT type was not supported.

To work around this issue, I found it was possible to utilize the cartconv cli utility to convert the sams-journey-gmod2-flash.bin to a CRT type that EasyFlash 3 accepts.

Cartconv Workaround

Install vice:

pacman -S vice

Convert sams-journey-gmod2-flash.bin to crt:

cartconv -p -i sams-journey-gmod2-flash.bin -o samsjourneynew.crt -t ocean

Burn it to a slot on EasyFlash 3



It is not possible to save with this workaround. Will update the article if I find a way to get it to work.